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I help creatives see their visions through with vibrant watercolor art to empower joy through art and design. It's my passion to create art for products people will love!

My art captures the natural world through a passion for expressive watercolor and vibrant color palettes. My experiential maps capture unique iconography through illustrated watercolor, which customers really love. I capture energy with explorative lights and darks to unfold stores of reinvention, strength and joy!
My specialties are illustration, graphic design, websites, logos, branding and surface pattern design.

Illustration, Commissions & Art Licensing

I will help you tell your story, with custom statement artwork to create the perfect piece of artwork for you and your customers.

I've worked with several clients as a graphic designer, illustrator and surface pattern designer on projects such as websites, logos, print design, trend research, surface design, home decor, books, packaging and displays.

My artwork is also available for art licensing for your specific needs.

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me below to get the conversation started!

Past client list: Harpen Collins, Macy's, Better Homes & Gardens, Windham Fabrics, Rochelle Moulton, Pediatric Dentistry of Redlands, Allport Editions, Recycled Paper Greetings, Major League Baseball, Billabong, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Zocalo, Wine & Spirits, Artfully Walls and more.


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