How to choose the right wall art for your kitchen

How to choose the right wall art for your kitchen

Wall Art For Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of the home so why not make them beautiful with wall art? Infuse your kitchen with personality and charm with these simple tips for choosing your kitchen decor:

1. What’s your kitchen personality?

Do you love to spend time in the kitchen trying out recipes? Are you a baking queen? Do you make a beeline to the fridge, then make your way back to your favorite show? Or do you have your dinner delivered and save yourself the mess. Whatever your style is, the way you use your kitchen is a good way to think about what you want to inspire you while you're there.

2. What vibe do you want to feel when you’re in the kitchen?

Are you a romantic? A modernist? Or a moody vintage girl? What colors do you gravitate towards? Pick artwork that feels like you and makes you feel happy when you're in the kitchen.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

You don't have to pick just one piece or stick with one color. Mixing and matching different types of wall art gives your space an eclectic and modern look. The more you mix and match, the more it will reflect your personal story!


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