7 Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Try

7 Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Try

 Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Try Blueberries Wall Art

1. Choose a Bold Color Palette
A great way to start your kitchen decorating journey is by choosing your bold color palette! You can mix and match colors such as deep blues, vibrant yellows, natural woods, and white to create a captivating theme. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your style!

Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Try Statement Lighting
2. Design With Statement Lighting
Make a stylish statement with statement lighting fixtures, like pendant lights or hanging lanterns over your kitchen island or sink. Consider brass, iron, gold-plated finishes for added glamour and dimension.

Kitchen Greenery
3. Add Greenery
Bring the outdoors in with lush houseplants positioned around your space- whether that’s on windowsills, shelves or free standing on the floor in chic pots and planters. Not only do plants make beautiful decor items but they also purify the air which is an added benefit of adding greenery to your kitchen!

Kitchen Decorating Ideas
4. Swap in Fresh Linens
Updating any space requires starting from the ground up- so why not consider changing up linens such as towels, oven mitts, aprons etc? Swapping out boring old linens and go for something more fun such as colorful patterns or modern designs. Plus while you're at it go ahead and splurge on some extra valances too!

Kitchen Accessories Ideas
5. Select New Accessories
Reorganizing cabinet spaces is crucial when looking for an entirely new kitched look- so why not switch it up? Consider investing in copper drawer pulls instead of plain wooden ones; create texture in addition to visual impact within your cabinets by adding a shelf liner; or even switch out those tired old dish towels for some fun vintage ones that give off even more personality than before!

Kitchen Wall Art Ideas
6. Incorporate Lights & Wall Art
Table lamps are probably one of the most overlooked decor elements- if you're looking to add ambience then try reading lights along countertops or unique wall mounted sconces near serving areas (as long as it's safe). And don't forget about wall art - hang up some pieces you love in frames that coordinate with both wallpaper design AND other furnishings within the room (like bar stools).

7. Invest In A New Kitchen Table
Possibly one of the quickest ways to totally transform a dated kitchen is by replacing any possible antique furniture pieces like tables/chairs/island surfaces with fresh new finds that both fit better into current interior design trends AND provide plenty of seating solutions (especially if entertaining guests)!

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