5 Things To Do In Louisiana

5 Things To Do In Louisiana

Louisiana is filled with culture, arts, history, and of course, gators. Here are 5 things to do when you're in Louisiana:

1. Have beignets with coffee

This dessert is considered a classic Louisiana treat. Sweet like a donut, and covered in snowfalls of powdered sugar, this dessert is best enjoyed with chicory infused coffee.

2. Take a trip to the French Quarters

This below-sea-level city is filled with elegance and intrigue. A walk down Bourbon street will bring you charm, history, jazz, food, and nightlife. Jackson Square is a must-see monument honoring the Louisiana Purchase.

3. Sightsee on a riverboat down the Mississippi

Soak up the city from a Louisiana riverboat, with these vintage style paddle wheelers. Listen to jazz, have a bite to eat, and a bit of history.

4. Eat oysters and gumbo in Baton Rouge

Pull up a chair for Louisiana's beloved oysters. Paired with a squeeze of lemon, this local favorite is a staple of Baton Rouge. If you're planning your visit in October, be sure to try Gumbo on National Gumbo Day, Oct. 12th! 

5. Tour the bayou in an airboat

Take an airboat tour of the Louisiana bayou, soak in the natural beauty and look for gators. You'll see tons of wildlife along the way, including the iconic cypress trees, pelicans, egrets, herons, owls, and even deer.

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